About Us


Skyreach has always gone beyond bricks and mortar to offer apartments that delight the senses and provide space for comfort and rest.

Our excellent track record in providing homes for travelling business people and relocation for their families is expanding into starter accommodation for students and first time renters, as well as serving insurance companies.

We’ve selected these markets for their high growth potential, and ability to develop a sizeable portfolio quickly.

Our goal is to realise 5000 properties BY 2027, then launch as an IPO

While the bedrock of our business has been serviced apartments for long time rentals, we’ve developed and sold several successful real estate ventures – such as the Adagio ApartHotel (An 8 Star Accor Hotel Brand ) and Rotterdam Loft Apartment units.

We’re looking forward to this bright new phase in our business. Even as the world faces tremendous challenges, we’re invesing in areas with deep market potential that will weather these storms.

Check out our projects and services to see the diversity of successful projects we’ve been involved in.


  • 2005: Skyreach starts its operations by providing housing and relocation services for ex-pats working for SAP SE and Metro Cash & Carry in Bangalore, India.
  • 2008-2012: SR among 3 largest players in NL Serviced apartment market.
  • 2015-2016: SR purchases 22 short-stay apartments in THE HAGUE, The Netherlands, and later on sold them to a financial advisory firm.
  • 2016-2019: SR adds luxury aparthotel Adagio Amsterdam City South to its portfolio. Project developed by Van Der Valk Investment. In 2019, SR sold operations of Adagio to a large hotel group – details provided on request.
  • 2018-2019: SR invests in a development project in South Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and later sells it to an Investment Firm.
  • 2020: Skyreach Relocations GMBH is established.
  • 2020: SR starts its first 106 Units in Essen, Germany, and adds 250 soon-to-be-developed units in Wintergarten, Germany.
  • 2022: SR opened our first lobby in Essen, which creates an opportunity for clients to network and connect with each other, read a book, or just watch football
  • 2022: SR announces 737 units in Bochum, Germany. Ready to occupy on April 1, 2023
  • 2023: SR has signed new projects in Berlin, Cologne, Leipzig, and Haarlem

Our Values

  • Strong client relationship with reliable service
  • Adherence to the highest levels of personal and professional integrity
  • Care and concern for every individual
  • A strict code of confidentiality
  • Commitment made is commitment kept

R Manmath Reddy (Raj)

FOUNDER & CEO of Skyreach Relocations / World Fashion Apartments
Raj started Skyreach Relocations BV with €30 in his pocket and a phone book . He’s now grown into a multicity, multiservice portfolio dedicated to providing a sense of home to customers throughout Europe. Skyreach started in Bangalore in 2005 and moved to Amsterdam in 2007 to become a true global presence. It quickly became the go to partner for large companies looking for long term accommodations for their employees, flourishing into the diversity of services it offers today.

Raj is a family man, loves sailing and dog walking and continues to run the business with an enthusiasm for the experience of every customer. Raj today also operates businesses in Germany, London, United States, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, Zambia and India.

His life motto is “Dream big, work smart”.

Arjan Baas

General Manager
Arjan studied International Hospitality Management in Leeuwarden and has worked with some of Amsterdam’s best hotels. Handling a multitude of positions in his career. He joined Skyreach in 2011 as a part-time Support Executive. And after his roles as an operations and sales manager, he now performs as a Genaral manager for both Holland as well as Germany.

Ranjit Sambhanghi

Head of Finance & Administration

Ranjit joined us in the year 2010, heading our Finland Branch, and later moved to the Netherlands in the year 2013. Ranjit has over 20 years of work experience in Plastics Engineering, BPO & Hospitality industries. He played a key role in establishing the Finland branch office and handling our Microsoft & TCS account for 3 years in Helsinki, Finland. He loves Indoor games, traveling and is an ardent movie buff. He speaks 7 different languages and has lived and worked in India, Poland, the UK, Finland, and The Netherlands.


IT Infrastructure Engineer

Joseph joined Skyreach in 2023 to help with IT Infrastructure and Strategy. He has experience in various verticals including Project Management, Customer handling and this helps in coordinating various teams and laying down the strategy to take the company to IPO in the next 5 years. He loves playing music and takes interest in the latest developments in technology.

Julian Hudig

Sales and Operations Manager

Julian joined us in 2021. Born in Londen he moved to the Netherlands at a young age. He studied hotel management and has worked in the top hotels in Amsterdam. Julian speaks English, Dutch and French.
After working in the hospitality and Marketing business for many years now, he was looking for a new challenge and found this in Skyreach. Since working for Skyreach he has helped many people move into their new homes in Amsterdam. He will go above and beyond to make sure guests have a wonderful stay with us.

Arun Bejagam

Assistant Finance, Customer Relations & Administration

Sai Arun Prasad Bejagam has completed his Master’s in Business Administration from the United Kingdom.  He started as an intern with Skyreach Relocations Amsterdam. He has been working here for more than 4 years. Currently, he is handling multiple verticals including Finance,  Administration, Client relationship and Management.  He is passionate about the work he does and enthusiastically takes up any challenges and opportunities.

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