How Skyreach Relocations is practising sustainable building

We believe in Sustainable living and you will see our effort in making the switch to green energy wherever possible. For example, our buildings have ample solar panels installed to generate green energy.,

In the near future, housing construction needs to become smarter, faster, and more economical. A great challenge with many facets. A look at Greenstay Bochum shows what modular construction in the factory with prefabricated room modules can contribute and what role digital processes play in this. With additional aspects of quality assurance and recycling materials, new residential construction is profitable and sustainable.

Greenstay Bochum,  the tallest modular residential building in the EU is being built in Germany’s fifth-largest university town. Bochum has 737 apartments and we hope to form a community campus for students. The twelve-story residential building is part of the Seven Stones climate protection district, which is intended to make a significant contribution to achieving the 2050 climate protection goals.

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The pre-fabricated pieces, glide in silently, the new student apartments on Universitätsstraße. A complete apartment every 30 minutes: 20 m 2, ready to move in furnished with kitchen and bathroom. With an ingenious plug-in system, the modules are only connected to one another via pins. Due to the high degree of prefabrication, the duration of the construction site is reduced by up to 50%. There is also the added increase in speed since multiple pieces can be assembled at the same time. For example, while the underground car park was being concreted and the access towers were erected on the construction site, the modules were being manufactured in the factory. Shell construction and finishing take place at the same time – just in different places. The walls and intermediate ceiling are designed as a drywall construction, the bathrooms are prefabricated wet cells. The same applies to the kitchen units already set up in the factory.

community campus

In Germany, this circular concept is still largely unknown. The Bochum Community Campus is unique in its dimensions but by no means a prototype. The new living concept for students is just as innovative as the construction. The new house wants to be more than a conventional student residence. Like a vertical city within a city, the community campus includes a fitness studio, cafeteria, lounge, launderette, photocopying and printing service, as well as study rooms for working together. A concierge also works as a community manager to ensure good coexistence on campus. And the students have 500 in-house bicycles at their disposal for the short journey to the university.


That is our sustainable ambition. Our sustainable accommodations represent decades’ worth of experience and expertise. Sustainability is incredibly important to us because the ideal living environment should be circular and clean. With its industrialized modular building method, sustainable practices, and usage of green energy, Greenstay contributes to that living environment.

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